Welcome to Bikram Yoga

where we offer sanctuary from the intensity of life.

If you want to feel healthy without going to the gym, give yoga a try!

 There are many different forms of yoga and they can all help in different ways, for example with Bikram Yoga you burn more calories due to the heated environment whereas Warm Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative style of yoga consisting of floor postures which helps with flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or an expert in yoga come and visit us! We make sure that everyone is comfortable and having fun whilst getting great exercise.

Our timetable of classes

all of which are suitable for people of every ability, including beginners

Early morning Bikram Yoga Monday 8:00am $22.00
Early morning Bikram Yoga Tuesday 11:00am $18.00
Bikram Yoga Express Wednesday 8:00am $22.00
Ashtanga Thuesday 2:00apm $23.00
Urban Dynamic Flow Yoga Friday 10:30am $20.00
Early morning Bikram Yoga Saturday 8:30am $22.00

Come and see how you evolve in our community

We believe passionately that yoga is for everyone!

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Telephone : 0800 123 45 678

How to find us

We are easy to find in the heart of London's business district, just a short walk from several Tube Stations.

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